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From our ceremony to reception he was fun and energetic, keeping the party going all night long!

I firmly believe that no one ever sets out to work in the wedding industry- I sure didn't think I'd be! Nine years ago, I was in my senior year of college looking for a part time job when a good friend of mine showed me a wanted ad for "Part-Time Wedding DJ." I was intrigued. I had never done anything like this before, but I was always great in front of a crowd (thank you, Thursday night karaoke), and liked all sorts of music I figured why not try it out!

Flash Forward to 2024! Over the years, I have worked at multiple national recognized wedding companies, doing all sorts of jobs such as being a Wedding DJ, Sales Coordinator, Venue Coordinator and even the Manager of Weddings and Special Events for a transportation vendor. Through either wedding planning or spinning tracks on the big day, I have over 500 weddings under my belt. I've dealt with everything from power outages during a thunder storm to seizures on the dance floor (don't worry he was totally fine). There's nothing that you could throw at me on your wedding day that I haven't seen and solved before!

I just flat out love being a part of weddings! The DJ creates the momentum of the night and keeps it going like a roller coaster. The grand entrance to teaching grandma The Wobble. First dance as husband and wife to last song of the night. The ebbs and flows of the night are a tricky thing to get right. But with a little luck and a LOT of good music, I'll make sure your friends and family are talking about your big day for years to come!

Nathan Pierce

Owner, Wedding DJ & Host

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Even though I’ve been working weddings since 2014, I decided to start a Wedding Day tradition back in July of 2017. During dinner time, I will snap an old school Polaroid picture of the Bride and Groom at their head table.


Typically I take two; One for the Luckie Ducks who got married and the second is added to my collection here! Here are some of the Luckie Ducks that I’ve had the privilege of DJing for over the years.

Luckie Ducks
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